Information technology resources

All laboratories have computers with free access to the Internet through the UFES network, and were provided by the Health Sciences Center (CCS-UFES) or purchased with resources from different research development agencies. These computers use programs for the treatment and analysis of experimental data, control and automation of the acquisition systems, as well as access to the databases of technical-scientific literature available through the “Portal of Periódicos” of CAPES.
In addition, all coordinators/professors have computers in their offices, printers, and high-speed internet access, applications, databases, and installed programs.
The PPGCF-UFES also has equipment of collective use: notebooks, multimedia projectors and other accessories available for students, professors and researchers. In the secretariat there are computers with internet access, printers and copiers, as well as a meeting room equipped with multimedia features. In addition, all postgraduate programs of UFES have access to videoconference rooms located in the Pro-Rectory of Research and Postgraduate for thesis defenses and on-line conferences.

Acesso à informação
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